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Omega30-klubben mission statement

Omega 30-klubben is a swedish owners club with the simple mission of collecting and spreading knowledge around, create interest for and act as a community for the sail boat Omega 30. 
The club is open for anyone and acts from its natural place on the internet - www.omega30.se. 

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Our history

Omega30-Klubben history

The club was founded late 2003 by a couple of sailors who meet on the internet. There are about 300 boats built but no owners club or class association has ever existed for the Omega 30 since its birth in 1983. Thru ads in swedish sailing magazines the interest for a club was clear and the club was started. The home page was launched in feb 2004. The first board meeting was held in Nov 2004. Today the club has close to 100 members.

A word from the chairman in June 2005

Hello Omega 30 fans!

Spring has turned in to summer and by that we can hopefully leave all hard work behind and look forward to a fantastic sailing season. For many this is synonymous to just using the “lazy sheets” and take it all in, while others find an extra amusement in competing now and then.

For you who are competing: We sincerely hope your results are fed back to Anders, who keeps track on the Omega30-Championship. The Rules are to be found in the member pages; as well as everything else you need to know (in the future at least). The progress is fully in your hands. So, dear members, keep the pages alive by being active! This is where you can order your club burgee and in our member forum you can connect with other fellow members, among other things.

By fall we will know who is our first champion and, in addition, there are hopefully some (Omega30-)stories to read, signed by you. But, before so, a fabulous vacation!

My self and the entire board wishes you all luck with your summer activities!


Board of Omega30-Klubben:

Chairman Rikard Bensryd
Treasurer and responible for technical issues Alexander Barnard
Secretary and responsible for cruising and events Henn Avasalu
Webmaster Ingvar Johansson
Responsible for racing and tuning Anders Ekholm