The story of Omega30

Back in the 70' the 30-footers where an established concept. A lot of sailors thought that it was more or less an optimal size. When mast-head rigged vessels began to drop in popularity, in favor of partial rigged boats, a number of new constructions where launched. One of them was the Omega 30. It was designed, without rules (eg. IOR), by a world class designer - Ron Holland. The company that built the boat was swedish boat builder Familjebåtar AB.

The result was a pretty slick vessel with shallow keel, due to the target environment - Swedish archipelago.

Omega 30 is really a 31-footer if you look at the size of it, but since the 30-footer was so established and to harmonise with her larger sister-ship - Omega 34, the name was decided Omega 30.

Omega 30 was launched in 1983 - and she was built between 1983 and 1987. About 300 boats were built of this beatiful boat.

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Omega 30 came in two versions; 30A och 30S.

Omega30 A
Omega 30A was first, and is the most common version. It has an aft-cabin with two large beds. The salon has a traditional galley with gas stowe/owen. 
Omega 30S
Omega 30S has a larger galley alongside on the stairbord side - and two bunks on each side instead of an aft cabin. One large difference between the Omega 30S and the 30A model is the deck - where the 30S has a longer roof and the cockpit moved furher aft.
Omega30 Data
Design Ron Holland
Length  9.40m
Bength in water line 8.00m
Beam 3.0m
Draft 1.55m
Depl 3.400kg
Keel weigth (cast iron) 1.330kg
Main sail 27m²
Jib (self tacker) 17
Storm Jib 10
Genua 1 32
Spinnacker 65
LYS (handicap) 1.14

Hull made of GRP, deck in sandwich laminat.
All tanks; water, waste, fuel and  ice box made of stainless steal.

Interior in mahogny.


Commonly Yanmar 1GM10, 9 hp (7,5 hp on the first built ones), but some had  the 2GM/2GM20.